About Us

Who We Are and Our History

ODiMARK is a family-run internet marketing company based in beautiful Penmachno, in the heart of  rural Snowdonia.

The company was formed in July 2014, by Owen Davis, with the specific aim of creating a personable, and friendly, service for businesses looking to attain high profile online presence.

We have many years of industry experience, stretching back to working in the world of website design for CIX, on of the UK’s first Internet Service Providers, in the mid-1990s.  Back then basic HTML was written in Notepad, and images manipulated using Paintshop Pro etc.  Who else remembers the days of Mosaic, Netscape, Alta Vista and so on?

In recent times we have worked, predominantly, within the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).  Working with many very satisfied clients, ranging from high-profile corporations down to quirky niche businesses.  All have benefitted from improved online trade.

Our Beliefs

Inbound Marketing and the world of SEO is here for the long-term, and if you are not actively working on this side of your business………You really should be!!

Internet users, or rather potential customers, are constantly looking for high quality, aesthetically pleasing websites which are relevant to their search.  Over 2 Billion people use the internet every day, so a fair potential customer base!  In more local terms, how many people do you think would open the Yellow Pages rather than access Google when looking for a local service?  I doubt it would be many.

There is no way of “cheating” the system however.  Unless you do things properly you run the risks of penalties which damage your online presence.  ODiMARK are “White Hat”, it’s all about the quality and keeping up-to-date with industry changes.  There are no shortcuts but, working together, the results will be rewarding.

We can provide you with all the help you need, professional websites fully optimised for all major search engines.

What We Do

Ultimately we provide a professional service which resonates from the fact that we have a great passion for what we do, and take great pride in our results.  If it doesn’t look great we will not be satisfied.  Our customers are also our portfolio, so it’s in our own best interests to produce quality work.

We provide a friendly and personable service, preferring to initiate contact face-to-face where possible.  This way we feel that we have more opportunity to instill confidence in our team and services.

Having lived, and been educated, in the Conwy Valley for 40+ years we are able to provide a fully bi-lingual service should it be required.  We take a keen interest in our clients.  We learn about about your business and your goals as a starting point.  In our opinion, it is an absolute pre-requisite that we gain some inside knowledge of the market we are trying to influence.

Above all we aim to provide a supreme service at an affordable price.  Having been associates of a highly reputable SEO company, our services have long been provided at a far higher rate than we offer our customers.  Therefore, you get a superior standard of service at a lower cost. Flexible payment plans are also an option, and are something which we are always willing to discuss.

Meet Us

Owen Davis
Owen DavisODiMARK Owner

I truly believe that a happy workplace is a productive workplace.

Speaking from experience, I realise how fortunate I am to live and work in beautiful surroundings, and believe that this transfers into the quality of my work.

Through the appreciation of how fortunate I am to work doing something I enjoy, I am able to produce quality results and maintain my natural approachable persona.

Hopefully these are all traits that make my company and it’s services more appealing to you.


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