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In this digital age your website is your single-most important selling point online.

Capturing the attention of your intended audience is your website’s primary goal.

As more and more people realise this, the competition grows and the importance of good quality, relevant, unique and regularly updated content becomes all the more critical.  From this perspective you need the ability to update your website on an ongoing basis, by way of an easy to use CMS (Content Management System).  At ODiMARK we ensure that your website is designed on a platform which enables you to easily keep your content fresh and updated.

We develop websites fulfilling a series of very important and proven factors;

Did you know that over 50% of all web connections are now made on mobile devices?
The need for your site to look good and perform well on ALL platforms is essential.
We ensure that the websites we develop are fully responsive, perform well and look great on all devices.
We build your site on a sound structure and by keeping navigation around the site as simple as possible.
It is ULTRA important that the user can find what they are looking for as easily and as quickly as possible.
Your aim should be to keep the user engaged on your site for as long as possible without frustrating them.
We strive to understand the aim of your website and then structure it accordingly. This is done with the primary aim of driving the user to the point of conversion as smoothly as possible. Whether this conversion be an online sale, on an e-commerce site, or simply a telephone enquiry, your business’ goal is at the root of the structure we build your site upon.
As SEO experienced professionals you can rest assured that your site will be designed using the latest optimisation techniques.
Our knowledge of the search industry is second-to-none.
As we are predominantly SEO professionals and, as such, we apply the same structured approach to the optimisation of your website as we do to the design.
As part of the planning process we will work with you to identify the search phrases which your business needs to be found for.
As your website is developed, all meta data, internal linking and on-site SEO will be built in to the backend of the site.
We don’t just tell you that your site will be SEO compliant, we document how we do this for you.

Our Vision

That ANY business, no matter how large or small, can thrive in the online marketplace.
A return to the days of bustling local high street, in a virtual world.

Our Mission

To grow the online reputation and sales for ALL of our clients
To grow our own reputation by delivering the above
To provide a friendly face to a daunting and impersonal industry

The world of SEO and inbound marketing is here to stay.
Stay ahead of the competition by addressing and embracing it rather than ignoring and feeling intimidated by it.
As the search industry continues to improve and evolve, there is NO point in attempting to take shortcuts.
You need to stay ahead of the competition whilst staying on the correct side of Google and co.
In the current day and age, there is no point in having a website and thinking that it’s “job done”.
Your website and online presence is a reflection of your business, and thus needs to remain fresh, contemporary, and full of up-to-date, relevant content.

We are not simply Web Developers who claim to do SEO……..

We are SEO professionals who build high quality websites.

You can therefore rest assured that you are not just left with a website which does nothing.
We structure websites around the latest developments in the SEO industry, and ensure that they will continue to work for you.

Above all we are a local, personable company.
Always approachable, available at the other end of a phone call or willing to meet up.
A friendly face not a shallow screen.

Key components built into all websites we develop;

  • Optimised for all major search engines
  • Fully responsive design for all devices
  • Simple and clean navigation
  • Eye-catching, professional look utilising high definition images
  • User-friendly CMS, ensuring quality content can easily be added
  • Solid Structure
  • Prominent “Call to Action” throughout

Some of our most recent website designs